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India Holloway is a nationally board-certified colon hydrotherapist and founder of Healthy Living Wholistic Health Care Services, whose mission is to teach others the benefits of natural healing and alternative medicine. She also hosts a weekly Inter radio broadcast show. Live Broadcast

The Body Doesn't Know How To Die

It is no secret that navigating through all the ins and outs of health care in today’s world can be a challenging task. Unfortunately, it is also no secret that in the most advanced country in the world, most of us are taught disease care instead of health care. In The Body Doesn’t Know How to Die, colon hydrotherapist India Holloway offers a complete, holistic guide that advocates simple lifestyle adjustments and detoxification processes that ultimately cleanse the body of its toxins, relieve bloating and gas, and encourage the body to begin healing naturally.

Holloway, founder of Healthy Living Wholistic Health Care Services, shares step-by-step methods that illustrate the benefits of colonic irrigation and alternative therapies as she details how to listen to the body’s signals, apply the dos and don’ts of cleansing, understand the functions of water in the human body, and recognize the kinds of foods that cause colon irritation.

The Body Doesn't Know How to Die is a comprehensive reference manual that can help anyone interested in attaining more energy and better health through colon hydrotherapy.

“[India Holloway’s] commitment to health and wellness has been unweaving. India maintains a positive attitude and seeks to encourage everyone she encounters to be their better self. … This book reflects her passion, seriousness, and soul.”

-Dr. M. Braxton

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