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Prices & Packages

Prices and Packages can change at anytime.

  • $90.00 Single ColonicSingle Colonic
  • $243.00Colonic series of 3 - 10% Savings
  • $382.50Colonic series of 5 - 15% Savings
  • $85.00Iridology
  • $55.00Foot Detox
  • $135.00 (Savings of $30)Foot Detox series of 3
  • $220.00 (Savings of $55)Foot Detox series of 5
  • $400.00 (Savings of $150)Foot Detox series of 10

Body & Mind

Keep your gut healthy.

Probiotic foods and dietary supplements have been recommended as treatments for a variety of diseases and disorders, ranging from problems confined to the digestive tract to general health issues.

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India’s latest book!

This book explains the importance of having a healthy colon. Who knew how important the colon is! India Holloway explains in a clear manner the functions of the colon and its relation to the operation of the whole body both physically and mentally.

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